Hotels in the area

Please see the map for a few popular hotels in the areas. If you’d like to see more please click here.

Transportation Links

Woodsmith and the Whitley Bay area are accessible by Bus and also Metro links, only a short distance from Newcastle Town Centre.

Please see here more details on the transportation to Whitley Bay.


Here at Woodsmith, we offer courses that concentrate on helping you acquire the hand skills needed to work greenwood using traditional techniques with a strong emphasis on safety.

Take a look at the links below to find out more.


thank you all so much for an amazing week.¬† It was an amazing opportunity, a chance to see Norway, to experience Norwegian woodworking (and more…), to enjoy some fantastic food and make new friends. Your place is magical and the welcome we got and generous hospitality made it a week to remember.

(Stayed with us in Norway August 2011, helped build coracles and make repairs to an old log boat house)