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  • Water Slip Stone with Leather Pouch
  • Water Slip Stone with Leather Pouch
  • Water Slip Stone with Leather Pouch
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Water Slip Stone with Leather Pouch

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Slipstones are specially shaped stone for the inside of gouges, crook knives, secateurs and pruning knives and any small tool with a concave curved blade.

Available in three grits:

  • 1000 grit:     man-made water slip stone, the most aggressive, will remove metal and leave scratch marks
  • 4000 grit:     man-made water slip stone, less aggressive removing less metal and producing fewer scratch marks.
  • 8000 grit:     very fine water slip stone to help remove the burr from an edge and to reduce scratch marks prior to honing on a leather with honing paste.


The harsher grit water slipstones are relatively soft so will need to be used with care to avoid drastically altering their shape.

Use the 8 000 grit stone lightly to remove the burr from the inside of crook knives and out-cannel (bevel on the outside) gouges. The flat sides can be used to sharpen straight knives.

Dimensions: 100mm (4") x 50mm (2") x 13mm (1/2") x 3mm (1/8").

In the workshop my first choice to sharpen any knife would be larger bench stones, however these slipstones fit conveniently into a tool roll so should always be there when your knives need some minor touching-up.

Water stones require soaking in water for a few minutes before use, then spinkle with water occasionally when in use.

Comes with suede leather pouch, open at one end, specially made for WOODSMITH,  which can also be used as a honing leather.

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