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By Rick L

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  • Traditional Cleft Ash Gates

Traditional Cleft Ash Gates

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Sunday 8 November 2020

No. of days: 1

Cost: £120

Venue:  The Northumberland Centre for Greenwood Craft at Kirkley Hall, Northumberland

Starts at 9: 30am and finish about 4:30pm.

Portable, lightweight gates made from strong and durable split ash logs are synonymous with Victorian farming and, more recently, television series such as ‘One Man and His Dog’ and ‘Victorian Farm’.

Traditionally, gates or 'cleft ash gates hurdles' were made by farm workers from locally sourced coppice material to be used around the farm to hold small animals like sheep, lambs and goats in temporary enclosures. They were particularly useful at lambing time.

Today, portable gate hurdles are still widely used around the farm, but more usually are made from either steel or sawn softwood.

Using the same simple materials, tools and techniques other beautiful items can be made - such as versatile and attractive frames to support climbing plants like honeysuckle or clematis.

On this one day workshop we’ll start with how to control the spliting of small diameter ash logs using a range of simple traditional hand-tools, such as froes and drawknives, and devices such as cleaving breaks and shavehorses to make a small traditional cleft ash gate of approx 3' x 2'.

No previous experience required.

You will leave with one small cleft ash gate and and if there is time one climbing plant support.


Price: £120.00 (Inc. VAT)
Availability: Course full

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