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Thanks again for a very special stay at your beautiful log house in Norway, we so enjoyed the whole experience........

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Tool Sharpening

5/5 4 reviews


1) Sunday 20 Sept 2020

  • 1 Day
  • Cost £120 
  • Venue: The Northumberland Centre for Greenwood Craft at Kirkley Hall

2) Friday 23 October 2020

  • 1 Day
  • Cost £120 
  • Venue: The Northumberland Centre for Greenwood Craft at Kirkley Hall


Having sharp tools won't necessarily improve your green woodworking skills but it will make the work easier, safer, produce a better finish and make the process of using hand tools considerably more satisfying. 

This one day course will provide you with the information you need to sharpen tools to a high standard.

We will concentrate on tools that are commonly used in green woodworking .

Axes, billhooks, drawknives, turning chisels, knives and gouges will all be covered.

Powered and manual techniques will be shown. 

We will also cover general care and maintenance including using and storing tools so they keep their edge for longer.

This may be the most important course you ever attend.  

Maximum number of socially distanced students 4.

Once you have made the online payment for this course, Joining Instructions will be sent via email.

Price: £120.00 (Inc. VAT)
Availability: Course full

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  • Good combination of theory and practise for sharpening hand tools

    Maurice provided us with a useful theoretical background to ensure we knew how we should tackle each tool. We then had the opportunity to use a wide range of both hand and power equipment to grind, hone and polish a range of tools, with participants being able to lead our own learning as required and relevant to us. Thanks Maurice:-)

  • Great day tool sharpening :)

    Many thanks for such an excellent day yesterday. I enjoyed it so much the time flew by and my knowledge and understanding of sharpening tools now is so much better than before.

  • Getting the best from your tools

    Although I had experience of sharpening joinery tools using the traditional old school oilstone before attending the course, I wanted to learn how to reach the ultimate shave-sharp to help me enjoy my newly found interest in green woodworking. This workshop brought me up to date with a variety of best methods of achieving this, covering a wide range of tools used in the craft - thanks Maurice.

  • Relaxed and friendly environment

    The workshop was very informative and really enjoyable. It was a relaxed and friendly environment with a small group which made learning efficient. We were encouraged to use both machine and hand sharpening techniques.
    Maurice was always close to hand to guide and instruct. He's even got eyes in the back of his head...doesn't miss much! Thank you.

    Maurice Pyle - Woodsmith

    All teachers have eyes in the back of their heads!

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