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  • Silicar Canoe Stone
  • Silicar Canoe Stone
  • Silicar Canoe Stone
  • Silicar Canoe Stone
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Silicar Canoe Stone

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High quality intermediate grit canoe whetstone, for the sharpening of curved billhooks, scythes and grass hooks.

This canoe stone will remove metal fairly quickly to restore a dulled edge but will leave a visibly serrated edge so finish with a finer stone such as the Rozsutec Canoe Stone

Synthetic silicon carbide, about 220 grit.

Immerse in water for a few minutes prior to use.

Dimensions:  260mm (10") x 15mm (5/8") x 35mm (1 3/8") x 10mm (3/8").

If you break these stones in two, they can be glued back together, after very thorough drying, with epoxy resin.

All edge tools need to be kept sharp for many reasons not least of all for safety....... billhooks are no exception.

However there is no need to be quite as fastiduous as you might be with tools such as carving axes or carving knives.

Keep them easily to hand with one of our leather canoe stone belt sheaths.

If you insist on using just one canoe whetstone, this is probably the best choice.

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