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  • Rozsutec Canoe Stone
  • Rozsutec Canoe Stone
  • Rozsutec Canoe Stone
  • Rozsutec Canoe Stone
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Rozsutec Canoe Stone

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Very hard naturally quarried stone suitable for the final stages of sharpening curved edges.

This is a Fine, about 600 Grit stone for putting the final, razor sharp edge on curved blades blades such as billhooks, scythes, grass hooks and slashers. 

They won't remove much metal but will remove most of the scatches left by earlier coarser stones and remove the wire edge.

These stones are quarried in Slovakia and milled on all four sides.

The Rozsutec is similar to hard Arkansas stones from the US and excellent for many other  tools.

Lubricate with water.

Approx. size 200mm (8") x 17mm (5/8") and 30mm (1 1/4") at it's widest point.

If you break these stones in two, they can be glued back together with epoxy resin after very thorough drying . 

Keep them easily to hand with one of our leather canoe stone belt sheaths.

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