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  • KADSALVA, Traditional Spruce Resin Ointment

KADSALVA, Traditional Spruce Resin Ointment

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Traditional spruce resin ointment (60ml).

Spruce resin ointment has been used for centuries in Scandinavia as a remedy to heal dry, cracked or itchy skin, smaller wounds, blisters, scars, and similar problems.

It is also great to use on a dogs swollen or sensitive paws.

Wilma's natural products are made in Swedish Lapland, and utilise the knowledge and techniques that have been preserved for generations by the people who live and work in the northern forest.

There is an ages old tradition in the north for making herbal remedies from the plants and trees of the boreal forest

Very effective and completely natural.

Made from Scandinavian spruce resin and bees wax.

Comes in a glass jar 60ml

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