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  • Hans Karlsson Spoon Knife
  • Hans Karlsson Spoon Knife
  • Hans Karlsson Spoon Knife
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Hans Karlsson Spoon Knife

5/5 1 review

Exceptional spoon knife from Swedish tool makers Hans Karlsson Klensmide AB. 

Used primarily to carve the bowl of spoons, but will deal with any small hollow feature.

Available as right or left handed:


When choosing spoon (or crook) knives, having both a left and right handed version is very useful when carving the bowl of a spoon. This allows you to cut from both sides and cut with the grain, leaving a smoother surface. If you are right handed, the right handed crook knife is used to make cuts towards yourself and the left handed one has the cutting edge on the opposite side and so can be used with a pushing cut (vice versa if you are left handed). 

If purchasing your first spoon knife we would suggest that you buy one that cuts towards you e.g. if you are right handed choose a right handed crook knife and vice versa if you are left handed.

Because of its slightly longer handle this spoon knife is particularly good to reach further into the inside wall of shrink boxes (krympburk).

In 2011 we visited Hans, Mats and Andreas at Hans Karlsson Klensmide AB at their impressive workshop in Motala, Sweden. The expertise, knowledge and attention to detail that is given to all their tools was abundantly clear. It is a happy welcoming place and serves great coffee and bread and cheese!

The polished blade is 55mm (2 1/4") long with a 120mm (4 3/4") long lightly oiled ash or elm handle. 

Total length 175mm (7").

The longish bevel is ground to about 25 degrees

Beautiful tool and a joy to use.

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  • Is it really THE ONE?

    After reading and seeing numerous reviews of spoon knives online, done by the best and most well known (to me) carvers out there...all claiming this Hans Karlsson spoon knife to be THE ONE to own...I bought it. I'm easily led I suppose. Be that as it may, the thing is a jewel. I own far fewer Hans Karlsson tools than I would like, but I'm glad this is one. It's basic to the art of spoon carving...one needs a spoon knife, or you would only carve spatulas. Right? And if you only have one...this is it. It's the quality, the steel, the bevel, the specific curve of the blade, the size, all that.

    For me, all in all quite perfect.

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