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I would just like to thank you for a fantastic weekend. The location was beautiful, the outdoor setting just added to a tranquil weekend. I found the whole experience very rewarding.

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  • Charcoal Burning - An Introduction
  • Charcoal Burning - An Introduction
  • Charcoal Burning - An Introduction
  • Charcoal Burning - An Introduction
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Charcoal Burning - An Introduction

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  • Friday 9 and 10 Saturday February 2018 (2 days) 

Cost: £195

Venue: The Northumberland Centre for Greenwood Craft at Kirkley Hall Farm

Charcoal burning can be a large-scale commercial operation or it can be small scale and relaxing activity that enhances the experience of working in the woods and at the same time, satisfyingly producing a very usuable product.

It is in fact, a fascinating and enjoyable way to use up smaller woodland timber that might otherwise go to waste.

Tutor Maurice Pyle produced charcoal commercially for more than 15 years and is a renowned woodland craft teacher.

This introductory course is suitable for anyone from woodland contractors wanting to diversify, to private woodland owners, aspirant woodland owners, country park wardens and volunteers, garden centres and agricultural colleges wanting to learn the black art of charcoal burning to produce high quality charcoal.

The venue for this event is The Northumberland Centre for Greenwood Craft at Kirkley Hall Farm, which is about 13 miles north of Newcastle upon Tyne in the heart of beautiful Northumbrian countryside.

Day 1 (Saturday) is a long one. We’ll start at about 7am and finish late into the evening at around 7pm.  We’ll make charcoal in a 6’ commercial steel ring kiln and a ‘hobby’ mini kiln.

Day 2 (Sunday) starts slightly later at 10am and finishes around 1: 00pm. During this shorter session, we’ll open up the cooled kilns to assess the results, empty the kilns then grade and bag the charcoal. We’ll discuss the specification and characteristics of good quality charcoal suitable for the barbeque and other markets.  You will of course take home a bag of fantastic charcoal.

The majority of imported bbq charcoal has travelled half way around the world made from tropical hardwoods. Locally made charcoal uses low value, easily harvested native hardwoods and make’s charcoal that is easy-to-light, long lasting and best of all, it's sustainable.

What will you learn?

This course is a very practical introduction to charcoal making. We’ll thoroughly explain the ancient and fascinating subject from start to finish in a number of different devices. We’ll also look at grading, bagging and marketing of high quality barbeque charcoal and alternative markets.

At the end of the course we’ll supply written notes on the process should you decide to make your own charcoal after the course.

What you need to bring?

Work overalls, work gloves, strong boots, warm evening clothes - and a willingness to get dirty!

This course will take place regardless of what the weather throws at us.

Price: £195.00 (Inc. VAT)
Availability: Course full

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