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I was told about your site after being on a pole lathing course last month, and found it very easy to navigate with a great level of information & advice that a newby like me needed.

By Sean

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  • Ashley Iles 1"x17 Curved Carving Gouge
  • Ashley Iles 1"x17 Curved Carving Gouge
  • Ashley Iles 1"x17 Curved Carving Gouge
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Ashley Iles 1"x17 Curved Carving Gouge

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Made in the UK by repected tool makers Ashley Iles (Edge Tools) Ltd.

This curved gouge will allow you to carve deeper into a bowl.

Can be used for carving the bowls of spoons, using a 'choked-up' technique. 

Alongee pattern, i.e. blade tapers all the way from the shoulder to the cutting edge.

Made from 01 Tool Steel. The 32mm (1") cutting edge is ground to 25 degrees, with a middle-of-the-road no.17 sweep.

Total length 305mm (12") with a 150mm (6") beech handle, brass ferrule.

Whilst curved (or bent) carving gouges have a bolster on them it is best not to bash them with a wooden mallet as the forces involved can do strange things to the structure of the steel, hand pressure is always best.

These gouges are used by students on our bowl carving courses and on our own bowls.

Comes sharpened and honed ready to use.


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