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  • Abrasive Sharpening Belts - Robert Sorby ProEdge
  • Abrasive Sharpening Belts - Robert Sorby ProEdge
  • Abrasive Sharpening Belts - Robert Sorby ProEdge
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Abrasive Sharpening Belts - Robert Sorby ProEdge

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Abrasive Sharpening Belts - Robert Sorby ProEdge are durable genuine replacements.

Including Aluminum Oxide, Ceramic, Zirconium and Trizact

Abrasive belts are a lot less expensive than abrasive wheels, run cooler and available in a range of grits. Heavier grits such as 60 grit will re-profile damaged tools and finer grits will produce finely polished sharp edges.

Aluminium Oxide, available in 3 grits:

  • 60 Grit (PE60A)
  • 120 Grit (PE120A)
  • 240 Grit (PE240A

A common abrasive designed primarily to sharpen carbon steel tools such as axes, chisels, carving tools and plane irons but will also hone harder high speed steel tools.

The material longevity of an aluminium oxide belt is at the lower end of the abrasives scale, but makes an excellent economical choice.

Work your way through grit sizes (heavier grits for the removal of more material) to achieve a fine finish with a 240 grit.

Ceramic, available in 2 grits:

  • 60 Grit (PE60C)
  • 120 Grit (PE120C)

Hardwaring material which is good to re-profile damaged tools. The heavier 60 grit is an efficient option to remove plenty of material while the 120 grit will provide a good finish. Great longevity and a practical choice.

Zirconium, available in 2 grits

  • 60 Grit (PE60Z)
  • 120 Grit (PE120Z)

Designed for HSS tools. The 60 grit will tackle the most damaged surface and 120 grit will produce a rewarding cutting edge and finish.

Trizact, available in 3 grits:

  • 600 Grit (PE600T)
  • 1200 Grit (PE120T)
  • 3000 Grit (PE3000T)

Robust material designed to handle most types of steel, especially knives


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