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Sharpening and Tool Care

Everyone has their favoured method of sharpening tools and we are no different. We like the Gransfors Bruk and Wetterlings Axe Stones for their quality and convenience out in the field, but generally, in our opinion, everything stacks in favour of diamonds as a sharpening medium.

Our diamond sharpening products are from DMT of the USA.  They are extremely high quality and used properly will last a long time. They will stay flat, cut extremely fast and using water are much cleaner than oil stones. But the winning feature for me is the fact they are so robust and won't break as readily as a naturally quarried stone, water stone or a composite stone. Other stones can be cheaper but this system brings sharpening into the 21st century.

About twice a year we run a one day Tool Sharpening Course, mainly relating to the type of tools featured on this website. Our next courses are 17 June and 28 October 2018

The venue for this course will be our workshop at The Northumberland Centre for Greenwood Craft at Kirkley Hall Farm.

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