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Gränsfors Bruk Axes

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Gränsfors Bruk AB was originally set up in 1902 on the back of an ever increasing demand for axes and forestry tools throughout Scandinavia and the world.

During the 1960s and 1970s, logging levels fell and chainsaws started being widely used for forestry work; demand for axes in Sweden and around the world fell dramatically. Many axe forges in Sweden closed, those like Gransfors Bruk that remained even experienced a temporary increase in orders. In 1974, Gränsfors Bruk made 200,000 axe heads, 80 percent of which went for export.

The company almost closed for good in the 1980’s but fortunately a change of emphasis to a business based around handcrafted axes and axe expertise, with a focus on quality and environmental responsibility. Today, more than 30 people work in production and sales. 80 per cent of the production is exported to 30 countries.

When it comes to the quality and feel of the axes, much depends on the experience and skill of the individual craftsman. Each axe head is signed with the smith’s initials as a guarantee of quality.

The company is located in the Swedish village of Gränsfors in northern Hälsingland, around 10 km west of the E4 motorway, between Hudiksvall and Sundsvall. The forge sits at the heart of the village and you can hear the rhythmic pounding of the power hammers as you approach.

The axe forge is open weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm. Visitors are welcome to see axes being forged, sharpened, tempered and fitted with handles.

In addition to the forge and a factory shop, there is also an axe museum and during the summer a restaurant, café and craft courses in subjects such as forging and log-building.

Gransfors Bruk - 20 Year Guarantee

One core goal for Gränsfors Bruk is to make good products that last a very long time. As proof of this, and to leave nobody in any doubt that they take their responsibilities seriously, Gränsfors Bruk sells its axes with a 20 year forging guarantee. The production and choice of materials is guided by environmental considerations and aims to be positive for the employees and the end users alike.

We regularly visit the Gransfors Bruk factory in Sweden, most recently in 2019. We've been supplying Gransfors Bruk Axes and accessories since 2006 and have been using their tools in our own work for more than 20 years. We can confidently say we probably stock the most comprehensive selection of Gransfors Bruk's products in the UK and have worked with almost every axe we sell - so if you require advice on which axe to buy whether it is a working, throwing or splitting axe we are able to give you expert advice.

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