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An adze is a hand tool with a steel blade attached more or less at right angles to a wooden handle used generally for hollowing or dressing wood.

Here at WOODSMITH we rarely use anything else other than doubly curved adzes to shape chair seats bottoms and to hollow out wooden bowls, so this is why we stock the tools listed below.

Gransfors Bruks, under normal circumstance, stock two sizes of doubly curved which come with their normal 20 year guarantee.  From highly respected Swedish toolmakers Hans Karlsson there are three sizes of highly effective and beautiful short handled adzes and one with a mid-size handle for more powerful chopping.

Both Swedish makers Svante Djarv and Hans Karlsson make an adze with a lighter than normal weight head.  These are perfect for smaller work, or under close supervision, younger green woodworkers.

Of course if you need any advice or information about adzes, just get in touch, we'd be pleased to help.

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