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Aberl Axes

aberl-axesAberl is a small forge in Garmisch-Partenkirchen a mountain resort town in Bavaria, southern Germany.  The sound of hammers striking anvils has been heard since 1649. Very much a family business with 4 people working in the company.

Aberl Hertitage

Aberl’s axes and hatchets are a look into the past of the Werdenfelser region. Centuries ago home crafts, agriculture and forestry gave most families, their livelihood. Forestry workers felled the timber which carpenters and joiners processed, every house and farm owner had to ensure their own adequate supply firewood throughout the worst of winters.

Then there was a continuing need for axes of every application. Before industrialization, axes were usually made and repaired at the local blacksmith. In the centre of Garmisch Aberl remains as one of those old forges where puffing air hammers still shape old pattern axes. However modern steels and selected woods make it possible for Aberl to make axes lighter in weight as well as taking and holding an excellent edge. Everything about an Aberl axe is hand-made in-house from the skilfully forged axe head to the strong and durable hickory handle and the grain leather sheath.

The axe lost the race with the chainsaw many years ago, however, anyone who wants to find a feeling of liberating satisfaction using an efficient and beautiful tool that has been used for thousands of years helping to shape the development of our history will appreciate Aberl axes.

Each Aberl axe head is carefully and painstakingly forged individually, power hammer marks are clearly displayed, and nothing is hidden.
We are delighted to be supplying Aberl axes in the UK and look forward to working closely with them to produce axes for green woodworking and small scale forestry.


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