TWO MAN Cross-cut Saws

TWO MAN Cross-cut Saws



UK made traditional cross-cut saws in a range of lengths


TWO MAN Cross-cut Saws are mainly used in forestry to cross-cut larger logs.

Manufactured by Thomas Flinn of Sheffield UK.  Click here to see a new film about some of the tools they make being made.

Available in three blade lengths:

  • 4′
  • 5′
  • 6′


The total length of the 4′ saw is 1350mm (53″), blade length 1220mm (48″), 1mm thick.

Includes two easily removable 360mm (14″) beech handles.

This saw features Standard Peg Teeth which cuts in both directions and straight forward to sharpen

Teeth can be sharpened with a large saw file.

TWO MAN Cross-cut Saws are made from carbon steel CS80 and hardened to 44-48 rockwell.

When considering which size of saw to go for, choose a saw that is at least double the size of the log being cut to ensure you get a long enough cutting stroke.

Cross-cutting a log can be great fun and an effective way of cutting logs without a chainsaw.

The correct technique does require some practice but so long as each person takes their turn to pull and never push everything should be fine.

Additional information

Weight2500 g

4', 5', 6'


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