Tormek Axe Grinding Jig SVA 170

Tormek Axe Grinding Jig SVA 170


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A jig from Tormek to grind most axes.

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Tormek Axe Grinding Jig SVA 170 is a relatively simple jig that allows both bevels of an axe head to be ground. This can be done at the same angle over the full length of the edge (maximum head size 165mm).

Nice solution to a problem often encountered when grinding axes by hand.

Different bevel angles on each side can be achieved by simply adjusting the height of the support. This is the sort of control that you can only get with a Tormek.

For carving axes with an asymmetric grind, a hollow grind on the long bevel is easily achieved with this jig.

You can use the Tormek Axe Grinding Jig SVA 170 with any Tormek Sharpening Machine.

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