Strop and Slip Set

 Strop and Slip Set


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Strop and Slip Set is a neat and convenient way to help keep many green woodworking tools sharp.


This new version of the Strop and Slip Set consists of:-

  • Flat paddle strop with leather on one side x1. Made from a hardwood and a veg tan leather strop approx size, 190mm x 40mm
  • Round leather strop for hook tools and in-cannel gouges and adzes x1. Made from softwood dowel with a veg tan strop, approx. 14mm dia. and 290mm long.
  • A small steel scraper for cleaning the strop x1
  • Pink polishing compound for the strops x1. This is a super-fine waxy polishing compound for the final polishing of an edge.  Should also remove any final remnants of a burr.
  • 2 flat slips
  • 3 round slips
  • 2 of each of 4 grits silicon carbide paper. Grits included: 240g, 320g,600g and 1000g.
  • Instructions.
  • Comes in a cotton double drawstring bag.

There are many approaches to keeping green woodworking tools sharp and properly honed. This set gives the user a methodology to work to, working through the grits then finishing with stropping (honing) compound to produce a supreme mirror finish.

Particularly suitable for spoon/crook knives.

The leather used in the Strop and Slip Set is a premium quality 3mm thick vegetable tanned leather.

Keep the silicon carbide paper lubricated with water, have a look at our Water Bottle with Trigger Spray as a convenient way to apply water.


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