SMALL DOZUKI Japanese Backed Saw

SMALL DOZUKI Japanese Backed Saw


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Small Japanese backed pull-saw with a fine toothed 150mm (6″) long blade.

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SMALL DOZUKI Japanese Backed Saw is a smaller version of a Dozuki backed pull saw. It has a fine toothed 150mm (6″) blade.

Ideal for small stopping cuts on spoon blanks and where fine accurate cuts are needed.

150mm (6″) long blade with 30mm max depth of cut.

The blade thickness is 0.3mm and the kerf 0.49mm, with its fine 18tpi it makes a handy saw for a range of small sawing tasks and close joints.

A special pecker tooth at the tip allows you to start a cut in the middle of a panel.

Overall length is 370mm including handle.

Replacement blades for the SMALL DOZUKI Japanese Backed Saw are available.

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