Silky ZUBAT Pruning Saw

Silky ZUBAT Pruning Saw



The Silky ZUBAT Pruning Saw is supremely efficient, cutting on the pull-stroke with a curved blade.

4 different blade lengths to choose from (240mm, 270mm, 300mm, 330mm and 390mm) and comes with a standard 7.5 teeth per 30mm across the range.


Comes with a solid blade protecting scabbard.

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One of the most popular saws for greenwood and is widely used by professionals and serious amateurs alike for the general pruning of small to large size branches.

It is a very versatile saw that sits very comfortably alongside the Silky GOMTARO Saw range which offers a straight blade.

ZUBAT blades are also interchangeable with the Zubat Professional Pole Saws such as the Silky ZUBAT Pole Saw 3300 for added versatility.

Comes with a comfortable rubber handle and a new style scabbard. The scabbard has an opening at the bottom which allows moisture and sawdust to fall out of the holster.

Silky ZUBAT blades cannot be re-sharpened, but they are designed to have replaceable blades. Other parts are also available.

Silky Saws are traditional Japanese pruning saws and as such are designed to cut on the pull stroke. The blade will be under tension on the cutting stroke and will not be able to bow. Let the saw do the work.

Never force the blade on the push stroke as you will be pushing against the direction of the teeth. Carefully take the pressure off the blade in order to release the saw.

Generally you should experience fewer vibrations and use less effort enabling longer work and improved productivity.

The saw should be cleaned of any debris/dirt. Ideally the blade should be cleaned with a solvent being careful to keep it away from the handle. This will help prolong its useful life. Store away from moisture.

About the blade

Silky Saws are manufactured from SK-4 carbon steel and cut out by laser. The teeth are designed with no set which means they are formed inside the width of the blade – this reduces friction and enables a cleaner, faster and easier cut. Many other saws have teeth formed to project outside the width of the blade requiring much greater effort when sawing.

There are 4 razor sharp cutting angles on the inside of each tooth. Silky call this ‘Mirae-Me’ and it enables the blade to cut smoothly through the branch, significantly reducing splintering and producing a very fine smooth cut. The super fine cut destroys up to 50% less wood cells allowing the tree to heal faster and reduces the risk of disease.

The manufacturing process also uses the technique of high-frequency electro-impulse hardening during which the teeth are heated and hardened. Importantly, only the teeth are hardened, not the rest of the blade. Thus the blade retains its original flexibility whilst the teeth have a life which is up to 3 times longer than that on standard saws.

The blades are also chrome plated which helps protect against rust and sap as well as providing additional strength. This helps extend the life of the blade.

Almost all Silky saws are fitted with a specially designed rubber ‘GOM’ handle which reduces vibration and improves grip, reducing the danger of slipping in wet conditions.

Additional information

Weight500 g

240mm, 270mm, 300mm, 330mm


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