Silky ZUBAT Pole Saw 3300

Silky ZUBAT Pole Saw 3300


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The Silky ZUBAT is the lightest professional line of pole saws from Silky, extendable to 2650mm.


.Silky ZUBAT Pole Saw 3300 is the lightest professional line of pole saws from Silky.

The oval shaped aluminum alloy pole handle consists of two parts which can be extended telescopically.

Total length of the handle is 3270mm when extended and 2060mm when closed.

The telescopic design has two locking systems – a spring loaded locking button and friction clamps. These work in tandem to ensure a strong and stable pole extension.

Can be used from the ground or climbed with to gain greater pruning range without the use of heavier, more cumbersome equipment.

The Silky ZUBAT Pole Saw 3300 uses the same blade as the Zubat Professional 330mm Hand Saw and is fully interchangeable.

As with all Silky Saws, the cut is on the pull stroke which means the blade will be under tension and will not bow.

There are 7.5 large teeth per 30mm.

Blade thickness: 1.4mm.

Comes with a durable plastic sheath to protect the blade when not in use or when transporting.  This locks into position.

Zubat blades cannot be re-sharpened due to the use of electro-impulse hardening in the manufacturing process.

Replacement blades are available and require the removal of just two bolts to change the blade. All other parts are also replaceable.

Total weight 1530kg.

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