Silky POCKETBOY Folding Saw

Silky POCKETBOY Folding Saw



Silky POCKETBOY Folding Saw is a high quality, compact and lightweight folding saw.

Available in 3 teeth configurations, each with a colour-coded handle associated with the teeth configuration.

  • Red – 8 Teeth Per 30mm – LARGE teeth
  • Black – 10 Teeth Per 30mm – MEDIUM teeth
  • Blue- 20 Teeth Per 30mm – FINE teeth



Silky POCKETBOY Folding Saw is a high quality, compact and lightweight folding saw.

Its compact, lightweight design meaning it fits neatly into your pocket or rucksack. Ideal for light pruning around the garden, including fruit and small ornamental trees and of course for small craft work. It is also popular with campers and those enjoying the great outdoors.

Comes in a transparent carry case.

As a traditional Japanese pruning saw these are designed to cut on the pull stroke. This way, the blade will be under tension on the cutting stroke and will not be able to bow.

For cutting efficiency and longevity, the blade is hard chrome plated and taper ground and the teeth are of a non-set design.

The precision ground teeth are impulse hardened resulting in fast and clean cutting.

The blade locks securely into two open positions.

Non-slip rubberized handle provides a sure and comfortable grip even in the wet.

Replacement blades are available for all three versions of the Silky POCKETBOY Folding Saw and change with just one screw.

Blade length: 130mm (5″)

Weight: 170g

Kerf thickness: 1.1mm


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