SHEATH Gransfors Bruk Double-Bit Axe

SHEATH Gransfors Bruk Double-Bit Axe


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Genuine Gransfors Bruk replacement grain leather sheath.


SHEATH Gransfors Bruk Double-Bit Axe is genuine Gransfors Bruk replacement.

Sheaths do a tough and important job helping to keep the edge of your axe as it should be, sharp.

Sheaths rarely last for ever. They get accidentally cut, bruised and battered and of course sometimes they just fall off and you lose them.

All Gransfors Bruk axes come with a sheath as standard, this is a direct replacement just like the original.

SHEATH Gransfors Bruk Double-Bit Axe has the usual Gransfors Bruk features:

  • made from 2.5mm thick grain leather with a welt to prevent the cutting edge reaching the rivets.
  • closes with a single popper fastener

Suitable for both of the Gransfors Bruk Double-bit axes, including the Double-bit Throwing Axe and the Double-bit Working Axe

NOTE: If you need to replace both of the sheaths on this axe you’ll need to select x2 from the Qty. box above.

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Weight 200 g

Gränsfors Bruk


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