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Wooden bodied travisher. A traditional tool typically used for the shaping of Windsor style seat bottoms.


Ray Iles TRAVISHER is a wooden bodied tool, traditionally used to remove wood when shaping Windsor style seat bottoms.

Will also shape any hollow concave feature such as shavehorse bodies.

Like many traditional tools, travishers emerged for a specific use and its design has been changed and been modified through the generations.

This modern travisher is from respected UK tool maker Ray Iles.

The blade is easily removed for sharpening by means of two thumb screws.

Shavings exit from the back of the tool making it self emptying, preventing blockages.

There is a small amount of adjustment of the blade permitting the taking of small or large cuts.

The 4mm thick curved blade is made from 01 high carbon steel. Cutting edge is 50mm (2″) long, ground to 25 degrees and hollow ground so will need a final hone before use.

The main body is made from hand selected, air dried beech.

Lightly treated with boiled linseed oil.

The in-cannel grind is sharpened with slip stones or a curved diamond hone. Remove the burr from the flat side on a bench stone.

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