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Pulp Hooks are an indispensable aid to moving smaller logs.


PULP HOOK is an indispensable timber handling tool to help move smaller logs.

A tough professional quality tool from the Peavey Manufacturing Co. USA

Ideal if hand-balling smaller first thinnings logs c. 4-10″ dia.

These tools work better on softwood but will usually stick in most hardwoods.

Hook into the top of a log near the end to skid logs to roadside.

Two people each with pulp hooks can drive the tool into opposite ends of a log to comfortably carry it reasonable distances out of the woods without it getting excessively dirty.

Pulling logs from the back of a trailer or pick up is easy with the help of a PULP HOOK.

Made in high quality hardened steel with a comfortable wooden handle.

The tip of this tool is ground to hook into either the end grain or the side grain of a log.

Steel comes with a painted black finish and the handle is made from ash which is varnished.

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