Morakniv CLASSIC 1891 – Utility Chef’s Knife 5″

Morakniv CLASSIC 1891 – Utility Chef’s Knife 5″


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Durable, premium quality kitchen knife.

Primarily designed for chopping onions and other vegetables, but as the name suggests, this all-round knife is perfect for almost all cooking needs.

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The Morakniv CLASSIC 1891 – Utility Chef’s Knife 5″ is a durable premium quality kitchen knife. Made by the master craftsmen at Sweden’s largest knife maker.

A relatively short blade at 5″ (13cm), making it less intimidating for everyday kitchen use and would also suit young talent wanting to try out their cooking skills.

Comes sharp and ready to use and when dulled, will take a great edge again and again…

Grippy, traditional wooden handle painted red.  Stainless Steel blade.

Blade Thickness: 2mm
Blade Length: 128mm
Total Length: 233mm
Net Weight: 0,0942kg

About the Morakniv CLASSIC 1891 Range

Morakniv wanted to make a range of kitchen knives that live up to every kitchen need.

Therefore, they created the CLASSIC 1891 Range together with top Swedish chef Johan Jureskog.

The result is a range of durable, beautiful and timeless kitchen knives, handmade in Sweden by highly skilled knife makers.

The blade is made of carefully selected Swedish stainless steel that is hardened and tempered in a secret process – a well-kept company secret for hundreds of years.

Every single knife is assembled by hand before the characteristic metal ring with the Dala coat of arms is attached, perfecting the knife.

The CLASSIC 1891 Range includes five different models, designed to cover all the tasks that a home chef might need to do: a chef’s knife in two different sizes  (5″ and 9″), a bread knife, a fillet knife and a paring knife.

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