Lowe Standard Anvil Secateurs

Lowe Standard Anvil Secateurs


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Lowe Standard Anvil Pruning Secateurs (LOWE 1.104) are a popular, premium quality model used in horticulture, fruit growing, forestry and woodcraft.

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Lowe Standard Anvil Secateurs (LOWE 1.104) are a popular standard model for use in horticulture, fruit growing, forestry and woodcraft

Can be used for cutting any kind of wood either left or right handed,.

It was the LOWE 1 which made the Original LOWE brand and the anvil principle (a drawing cut against a fixed flat base plate) world famous.

Original LOWE pruners are designed, produced and assembled to the highest standards in Germany. A unique hardening process gives the blades an unrivaled hardness and the latest CNC grinding machines ensure an outstanding sharp cutting edge.

Length: 21cm (8 1/4″)

Weight: 290g.

Cutting capacity of the Lowe Standard Anvil Pruning Secateurs is 25mm (1″)

Spare parts available for all LOWE pruners.

Sharpen with DMT Diamond Folding Sharpener or the new Lowe Sharpener

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Weight350 g


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