LEATHER POUCH Several Billhooks

LEATHER POUCH Several Billhooks


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Simple solution to store upto three billhooks, protecting billhook edges and the user when not in use.


LEATHER POUCH Several Billhooks is a simple solution to store up to three billhooks.  Protects billhook edges and the user when not in use.

Takes almost the full length of the billhook, open at one end.

Best fit for Newtown, Devon, Tenterden, Knighton or billhooks of a similar size.

When we are out cutting hazel or willow we take several billhooks out with us, just in case one becomes blunt. We transport and keep them contained in this simple and easy to use drop-in pouch.

Sewn from thick suede leather, colour can vary but normally navy blue.

Specially made for WOODSMITH.

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Weight200 g


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