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Two day course to learn how to make beautiful wooden spoons that you can use everyday.


LEARN TO CARVE A SPOON is an inspiring 2 day course to acquire the techniques required to skillfully and safely carve a wooden spoon.

  • 2022 DATES:  Sat 16 – Sun 17 April 2022
  • 2 days
  • Cost:  £230
  • Venue:  Northumberland Centre for Greenwood Craft at Kirkley Hall, Northumberland

This two day course is for those who have never made a spoon before and for those who want to develop existing skills and knowledge.

Carving a spoon, ladle or scoop from a split piece of green round wood is an immensely satisfying and creative process. Crafting an item of practical use bringing joy every time it’s used.

By working with the grain, freshly cut wood reveals itself as a strong and flexible material, easily worked with a few sharp tools.

We’ll use local native hardwoods such as birch, sycamore and alder.

We’ll consider the unique properties of spoons made from green, unseasoned wood.  Working safely on simple designs using hand tools such as carving axes, straight carving knives and crook knives.

Tools from eminent makers as Gransfors Bruk, Hans Karlsson, Bo Helgesson, Ben Orford and Svante Djarv will be used throughout.

A range of working techniques and grasps will be taught with the emphasis on safety and control throughout.

The most important thing you’ll take home is the knowledge, inspiration and confidence to continue making beautiful spoons in safety.

Tutor Maurice has been a professional greenwood craftsman and tutor for more than 25 years. And carving spoons for more than 20 years.  Skilled and patient as a teacher, inspired by Norwegian and Swedish design and techniques in spoons and bowls making. His passion, enthusiasm and authority on the subject will certainly come across on this course.

Max number of students 6.

Once you have made the payment for Learn to Carve a Spoon, your Joining Instructions will be sent via email.


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