Japanese Hassunme Saw RIPPING

Japanese Hassunme Saw RIPPING


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Light weight and efficient saw with a thin blade that produces a superb finish and a very thin kerf (saw cuting)

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Japanese Hassunme Saw RIPPING is a light weight and efficient saw.  Its super thin blade produces a superb finish and a very thin kerf (saw cut)

Ripping blades are designed to cut down the grain.

Japanese saws cut on the draw-stroke, cutting as the user pulls, totally the opposite to a traditional western saw.

Once familiar with this pull-only draw-stroke action, they are remarkable.

These blades will keep their sharpness for a long time if used in clean wood. Kept in a sheath when not in use.

Genuine Z-Saw brand

Replacement blades are available.

Blade 0.5mm thick and 250mm (10″) long.

TPI (Teeth Per Inch):  near the handle there are 11 tpi (making the start of a cut far easier.) and towards the front of the blade there are 8 (slightly larger) tpi.

Japanese Hassunme Saw RIPPING will also take the Hassunme CROSS-CUT blade.

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