Japanese DOZUKI-ME Tenon Saw 240mm

Japanese DOZUKI-ME Tenon Saw 240mm


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Japanese Universal pull saw with still steel spine. 240mm blade, 26 Fine teeth per inch

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Japanese DOZUKI-ME Tenon Saw 240mm is a universal thin bladed Japanese pull-saw with a stiffening steel spine and a wooden handle.

The stiff steel spine holds and supports the blade very ridged when precise and accurate cutting is important.

Universal blade – suitable for cross cutting and short sections down the grain (limited by the steel spine).

Excellent saw to produce stopping cuts on spoon blanks. Also cutting out the rebates on pole lathe heads and trimming off the ends of smaller pole lathe billets. And anywhere else that requires a fine, sensitive and smooth cut.

It’s worth looking after these saws and use only on clean wood, e.g. free of soil or grit contained in bark.

Always put them down carefully and ideally back into their cardboard sheath after use.

Genuine Japanese Z-Saw Brand.

Japanese DOZUKI-ME Tenon Saw 240mm has a 26 Fine tpi (teeth per inch) blade.

Blade length 240mm (9 1/2″), total length including wooden handle 535mm (21″).

Comes with a useful cardboard scabbard.

Replacement blades available.


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