HUNTER GATHER COOK Adventures in Wild Food

HUNTER GATHER COOK Adventures in Wild Food


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If you’re uninspired by the mundanity of the weekly shop, care about where your food comes from, and wish to add excitement to the necessity of feeding and watering yourself, then this book is for you.


Pages: 248

Includes 600 full colour photographs.

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HUNTER GATHER COOK Adventures in Wild Food.  If you find the weekly food shop a mundane experience and want to learn more about sourcing food with provenance? Then this book will inspire you.

Like our ancestors, we are all still hunter-gatherers.

This is what the publisher’s say about this new book by Nick Weston:

The world is a different place to how it was 10,000 years ago, but some things have remained the same.

Our minds and bodies are designed to survive and thrive, allowing us to forage in highly complex, varied and ingenious ways.

We have the ability to observe the landscape around us and use it to our advantage, making fire and tools for hunting and fishing.

Most of us ignore our innate skills, choosing to forage for food in supermarkets. However, there are a growing number of people who are rejecting this in favour of reconnecting with past ways.

They’re learning how to really enjoy their food from start to finish by creating the means to do so.

They are growing their own vegetables, curing, preserving, brewing, even raising livestock. They are 21st-century hunter-gatherers.

It aims to set you on a fulfilling, lifelong path of culinary adventures and food DIY, and show you how to embrace the lifestyle that surrounds the 21st-century hunter-gatherer.

It will make wild food accessible to you, and take away any sense of trepidation at making your first brew, burger or carpaccio. And if you’re already a 21st-century hunter-gatherer, then it will help you to expand your culinary repertoire, taking your experimentation and enjoyment to the next level.

HUNTER GATHER COOK Adventures in Wild Food is a Hardback publication

Pages: 248

Includes 600 full colour photographs.

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