Hultafors Handsaw HBX 22″

Hultafors Handsaw HBX 22″


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Professional quality panel saw complete with an ingenious guard for the teeth. Made in Sweden’s by Hultafors.

Replaceable blades available.

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The Hultafors Handsaw HBX 22″ is a professional quality panel saw.

Uniquely, when the teeth are no longer cutting, only the blade and not the whole saw needs replacing.

Replacement blades for the Hultafors Handsaw HBX 22″ available from WOODSMITH.

Unique teeth pattern with 3-phase grinding combines efficiency and a good bite with nice straight cuts without chipping.

1mm thick steel blade features a unique eco-friendly wax coating gives less friction and power-consuming side vibrations.

The durable three-component handle has a comfortable ergonomic grip and a 45 °and 90 ° angle guide.

The handle is mounted to the blade with two stable safety screws which enables easy blade changing in a simple and reliable way.

The blade’s narrow tip facilitates access in narrow spaces and when to start cutting in the middle of a board.

Comes with a durable, easily detachable blade protector, not often seen on panel saws.

  • Unique teeth pattern with 3-phase grinding combines efficiency and a long life time.
  • Eco-friendly wax coating gives rust protection, less friction and power-consuming side vibrations.
  • Reliable, easy and secure system for changing the blade.
  • Ergonomic and durable ABS handle.
  • Unique and durable blade protection with quick release function.

Hultafors HBX-22-9 Handsaw Video

22″ long with 9 tpi

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