Hans Karlsson HD CARVING GOUGE 35-30 BENT

Hans Karlsson HD CARVING GOUGE 35-30 BENT


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Beautiful and durable high quality carving gouge.

Rarely available.


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Hans Karlsson HD CARVING GOUGE 35-30 BENT is made by renowned Swedish wood working tool makers Hans Karlsson Klensmide AB.

A gouge with a relatively short edge and medium sweep makes this a good tool for working in smaller spaces or in smaller quantities.  Typically used to hollow small-medium size bowls.

In bowl carving terms, as a bent gouge, this tool’s role is to remove wood lower down in the bowl after an adze or a straight gouge.

Hans Karlsson has his own reference system to describe the sweep (curvature) of a tools edge. In this case 35 is the curve of a circle designated by the diameter measured in millimeters. And 30 (1 3/16″) is the length of the cutting edge in millimetres from corner to corner.

Overall length 305mm (12″) including a 175mm (7″) handle.

The lightly oiled handle is made from locally grown Swedish ash or elm. Designed for comfort in the hand.

Made for striking with a mallet, the robust handle is double-hooped with a brass ferrule at each end.

There is a shock/sound absorbing nylon insert incorporated into the end of the handle.

Hans Karlsson HD Carving Gouge 35-30 BENT is a beautiful tool extremely well finished.

Sharpened and honed ready to use.

A good complement to the Hans Karlsson HD Carving Gouge 35-30 STRAIGHT


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