Hans Karlsson DRAWKNIFE 160mm

Hans Karlsson DRAWKNIFE 160mm


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Beautiful and strong drawknife with a wooden sheath that is a delight to use, as you would expect from one of Sweden’s finest toolmakers.

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Hans Karlsson DRAWKNIFE 160mm is a beautiful, strong tool that is a delight to use. Just as you would expect from one of Sweden’s finest toolmakers.

Despite its smaller dimensions, this tools feels like it is up to many greenwoodworking jobs.

The cutting edge is only 160mm (6 1/4″) long, but the handles are angled out from the blade keeping fingers well away from most work pieces.

Handles are dropped down slightly so will work mainly bevel down for rapid wood removal and working concave features.  Bevel up will work best when finer control is needed.

The blade is 22mm deep and 4mm thick.

The bevel comes ground to a robust 30 degrees and is hollow ground.

Comes sharp and ready to use.

The beautiful shaped handles are 100mm (4″) long and made from Swedish Ash or Elm, lightly oiled.

Comes with a neat wooden sheath in lightly oiled ash or elm, and a thick veg tan leather strap and fastening button.

Hans Karlsson DRAWKNIFE 160mm is a durable tool to enjoy using and owning.

If well maintained, a tool for life to be used and enjoyed.

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