Hans Karlsson DOGLEG Gouge 150-30

Hans Karlsson DOGLEG Gouge 150-30


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Beautiful hand-made tool typically used to finish the bottom of a bowl.


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Hans Karlsson DOGLEG Gouge 150-30 is suitable for completing the final stages of hollowing out of small-medium bowls.

Made in Sweden by Hans Karlsson Klensmide AB.

This tool will remove many of the tool marks left by gouges with a larger sweep

Works best with two hands, one on the handle and one putting gentle pressure near the cutting edge, therefore your wooden blank should ideally be held in a vice or other form of holding device.

Made from high quality ball-bearing steel, that will take and hold an excellent edge.

Total length approx 250mm (10″) including 100mm (4″) lightly oiled elm or ash handle.

Hans Karlsson has his own reference system to describe the sweep (curvature) of a tools edge, in this case, 150 is the curve of a circle designated by the diameter measured in millimeters and 30 (1 3/16″) is the length of the cutting edge in mm from corner to corner.

The Hans Karlsson DOGLEG Gouge 150-30 comes sharpened and honed ready to work.

This great quality tool that will be a joy to use.

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