FLAT Leather Honing Strop

FLAT Leather Honing Strop


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Flat honing leather strop bonded onto a thick piece of ash or beech.


FLAT Leather Honing Strop is bonded onto a thick piece of handled ash or beech.

The final stage of getting a really sharp edge on any tool is normally achieved with honing leather and paste.

Removes the final remnants of a burr from edge tools such as drawknives, chisels and axes.

Made from 200mm (8″) x 3.5mm (1/8″)  thick veg tan leather bonded on to a hardwood (ash or beech) base.

FLAT Leather Honing Strop is 295mm (11 1/2″) long x 45mm (1 3/4″) wide x 20mm (3/4″) thick.

Rub honing paste into the leather then work firmly away from the tools edge at the correct angle.

Designed to be taken to the tool but placed on a bench with non-slip matting then the tool can be taken to the strop.

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