Dumbhead Shavehorse

Dumbhead Shavehorse


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Quick release holding device that you sit on. Hand-made from a combination of machined and rustic hardwood.


Dumbhead Shavehorse is a very traditional device to holding rough billets whilst being shaved with a drawknife or spoke shave. Particularly useful for longer work pieces such as cleft gate rails and heads.

Made largely of sawn oak. A robust and durable quick release holding device

The main body is approx 1520mm (5′) long and approx 80mm (7″) wide.  Four legged.

This style of shavehorse is built with a central arm coming through the centre of the body and ramp at the top of which is a heavy dumbhead.

Hand-made to order. Lead time approx. 6 – 8 weeks

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