DESIGN CURVES by Crucible Tool

DESIGN CURVES by Crucible Tool


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DESIGN CURVES by Crucible Tool permit the accurate drawing of smooth curves of varying radius connecting three or four points.
Tools to create these important curves are commonly called French curves or Burmester curves.  They are the starting (and ending) point for any designer who wants to escape rigid rectilinear shapes and simple circles. Traditional wooden curves, which are difficult to come by on the used market, are a joy to use. Warm in the hand, they are precise, they stick to the paper while you are drafting and it’s easy to write (and erase) notations on their surfaces.

The problem with traditional wooden curves is they were not truly dimensionally stable as they were typically made from solid hardwood. They were also fragile.

When designing their curves Crucible Tool wanted them to be strong and stable (like plastic curves) but warm, accurate and easy to use (like wooden curves). The solution was a special five-ply bamboo material specially designed for laser-cutting.

Crucible Tool designed their curves using an English set made in 1943 as their foundation and inspiration. They are cut and engraved in Covington, Kentucky, and then sanded to #220-grit.

Bamboo is the perfect material for this tool. It is more dimensionally stable than any hardwood or softwood that they know of, it doesn’t absorb moisture as readily as wood and the five plies of veneer ensure it will stay the same shape all-year round.

Like plastic curves, these will bend readily across minor curved shapes without breaking.

The first set of Crucible Tool curves consists of three favourite shapes. The large curve is about 12” long. The smaller two are about 6” long.

There maybe more sets in the future…..

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