Clifton 500 Convex Spokeshave

Clifton 500 Convex Spokeshave


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Beautiful and robust UK designed tool to complete the final shaping of concave shapes such as Windsor chair bottoms.


Clifton 500 Convex Spokeshave is a beautiful and robust tool. Designed to complete the final shaping of concave shapes such as Windsor chair bottoms.

The cutting edge is curved and not straight like a travisher therefore deals better with difficult grain.

There’s a very solid feel to this spokeshave that will allow for a high degree of accuracy when shaping and sizing. Can work on the pull stroke but is very controllable on the push stroke. The blade sits in the body at 45 degrees and deals very well with end grain when cutting ‘through tenons’ on Windsor chair bottoms.

It has fine screw adjustment for the blade depth which can be totally withdrawn into the body when not in use to protect the edge.

Cast out of virtually unbreakable spheroidal graphite iron, its strong ergonomic design sits comfortably in the hand. Surfaces are highly polished to give maximum comfort in the hand.

The 3mm thick curved blade is 53mm (2 1/8″) wide, the curve is based on a 62mm (2 1/2″) dia. circle. Hollow ground to 30 degrees therefore¬† will need a final hone before use.

Useful to pair up with the Clifton 550 Concave Spokeshave

Length 255mm (10″), weight 620 grams (15oz).

Clifton 500 Convex Spokeshave is made in Sheffield by Thomas Flinn.

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Weight600 g


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