BIG PROTRACTOR by FirstLightWorks

BIG PROTRACTOR by FirstLightWorks


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BIG PROTRACTOR by FirstLightWorks is intended for anyone who needs to set out angular measurements. Ideal for chairmaker’s.
Also for when something bigger and tougher than the plastic protractor from your school maths set is required.
Suitable for woodworkers, joiners, carpenters, chairmakers and anyone else who makes things using angles that aren’t 90 degrees.
BIG PROTRACTOR by FirstLightWorks is 300mm wide and made from 3.2mm 3-ply acrylic laminate, which is laser engraved to give high contrast markings.

It is marked in single degrees for reading both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Review by Chris Schwarz “The large size is what gives these tools their advantage. Suddenly marking an angle to a third of a degree is child’s play.”

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