Bahco HATCHET 800g

Bahco HATCHET 800g


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The Bahco HATCHET 800g is a great option if you need to source a decent general duty axe or carving axe on a budget.

The cutting edge is re-ground and sharpened by WOODSMITH and comes with a good quality leather sheath also from WOODSMITH.

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The Bahco HATCHET 800g is a great option if you need to source a decent axe on a budget.

The main difference between this axe and the standard axe from Bahco (HGPS-0.6-360) is a careful sharpen in the WOODSMITH workshop and comes with a tough leather sheath.

Bahco call this a Camping Axe, and indeed will perform all those functions demanded of a small axe that can be carried in a rucksack. It will fell and trim small trees and split small firewood.

The flat rectangular poll of this axe can be struck with a mallet or branch wood to split wood.

With the WOODSMITH grind and sharpen it will be capable of most greenwoodworking duties including choked-up fine work including spoon carving.

  • Curved ash wood handle, made using FSC certified stock according to DIN 5132, form B
  • The bit is quite thin with a 105mm (c. 4″) long cutting edge. German style.
  • Made from high quality tool steel according to DIN 7287, class B
  • The head is secured with a composite plastic wedge.
  • Easy storage with an 8mm hanging hole in the shaft

The one-piece sheath is custom made from a durable 2.5mm thick split leather and features a welt and is riveted for strength. These are made specifically for this axe by the WOODSMITH leather guy.

Bahco HATCHET 800g is a great entry level choice.


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