Bahco bowsaws are available in 4 blade lengths and 2 frame types:

  • 21″ Standard
  • 21″ ERGO
  • 24″ Standard
  • 24″ ERGO
  • 30″ Standard
  • 30″ ERGO
  • 36″ Standard

Frame types:  STANDARD has a simple lever non adjustable blade tensioning whilst ERGO has blade tension fine adjustment and an ergonomic handle with knuckle guard.



Traditional Bahco BOWSAWS are one of the best options when working in the woods, especially for group conservation tasks. Also in situations where saw blades might easily blunt.

There are two versions to choose from.

  • STANDARD  bowsaws have a simple non-adjustable lever mechanism to tension the blade. STANDARD bowsaws have a basic and detachable knuckle guard,
  • ERGO blades can be finely adjusted which is an integral part of the ergonomically designed handle.

Technical pull-saws such as the Silky KATANABOY are quite rightly gaining favour in terms of convenience and speed of cutting. However, in woodland situations which are often far from clean, bowsaws are still the most practical economic choice.

When blunt, bowsaw blades can be quickly changed without tools with relatively inexpensive replacements.

Typically used to cross cut greenwood, pruning, felling coppice material or small trees.

Apart from the 21″,  bowsaws can be used either as a one-man or a two-man saw. Two coordinated people working together is a more efficient and quicker way to cross-cut logs. Each person taking turns to pull the saw.  Take care when using this technique as there is only one hand guard.

Painted with a bright orange rust protecting high-impact enamel paint which makes them easier to find in the woods.

Easy blade changing.

Fitted with a standard Peg Toothed 24″ blade, however Replacement Raker Tooth blades are available.

Comes with a plastic blade protector for when the saw is not being used but have a look at our new Wooden Bowsaw Sheath

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21", 21" ERGO, 24", 24" ERGO, 30", 30" ERGO, 36"


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