AXE HANDBOOK by Buchanan-Smith

AXE HANDBOOK by Buchanan-Smith


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New publication all about the art of making and owning a hand-made axe.

An absolute must-read for the axe enthusiast.

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AXE HANDBOOK by Buchanan-Smith is the result of a designer’s career obsession with objects that are simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary.

It reflects thousands of miles around the world to visit makers, factories, and forests, innumerable hours chopping, sharpening and tinkering.

It’s a love letter to the oldest tool known to human kind; a tool that’s embedded in our DNA; a tool that’s our excuse to get outside and reconnect with our hands.

This handbook will guide and inspire the journey back to the physical world.

 “The art of fire starts with an axe. This magnificent book is a call to adventure, and a place we can’t always reach. It’s a tribute to an heirloom tool, and the true glory of a precise craft.” — Francis Mallmann, Chef and Author of Seven Fires

AXE HANDBOOK by Buchanan-Smith is a trusted resource for anyone looking to reconnect with handcraft and the outdoors. Beautifully designed and lavishly illustrated, this handbook will inspire readers to rediscover the great outdoors. Peter Buchanan-Smith founded Best Made Co. in 2009 because he loved making things with his hands. He also wanted to start a company that would not only celebrate the inherent beauty of timeless, utilitarian tools, but would also inspire people to get out from behind their computer screens and experience the natural world.

From the basics and fundamentals of handling and owning an axe to the details on how to find the right axe to everything a reader must know about use and maintenance, this stylish, informative axe guide is ideal for anyone interested in the outdoors.

Contents includes:  KNOWING (incl. anatomy of an axe), BUYING (incl. buying new and old axes, identifying marks and labels), USING (incl. safety, sharpening, splitting and small axe work), MAINTAINING (incl. hanging, restoration, adorning and storing).

  • Hardback
  • 240 pages
  • Colour / Black and White images
  • First Published 2021

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