Ashley Iles TWYBIL

Ashley Iles TWYBIL


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In our opinion a good sheath is essential to protect the cutting edges from damage and also the owner when moving with the tool. Made from thick 2.5mm black split leather with rivets and a single snap fastener.

Traditional tool to help make round ended mortices in cleft gates.


Ashley Iles TWYBIL, removes the bridge of waste wood between two drilled holes in round ended mortices.  Typically used in the making of cleft gates.

Inspired from an old tool that WOODSMITH gave to Ashley Iles. Sometimes called a mortising knife.

Now with an improved design handle in oiled ash.

We asked them to make us this tool because they are pretty hard to find!

After the holes are drilled at either end of the mortice, the ‘beak’ end of the twybil levers out the short grained bridge of wood between the two holes.  The tool is then reversed to clean up the sides of the mortise with the knife end.  More of a knife than a chisel.

Ashley Iles TWYBIL is made of carbon steel with a full tang. This runs through the full length of the 150mm (6″) turned handle.

Overall length of iron is 260mm (10 1/4″).

We would highly recommend a LEATHER SHEATH Ashley Iles Twybil to protect you and the tool when not in use.

Maybe in the past some two-ended tools called ‘twybils’ were used for chopping like an axe.  This is not a tool for chopping, it is used gently and skillfully like a knife.


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Ashley Iles


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