Ashley Iles Carving Gouge STRAIGHT 1 1/2″x7

Ashley Iles Carving Gouge STRAIGHT 1 1/2″x7


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Large straight carving gouge, well suited to removing wood in the early stages of a bowl.


Ashley Iles Carving Gouge STRAIGHT 1 1/2″x7 is a strong well made straight gouge from UK makers Ashley Iles. Suitable for use with a wooden mallet.

Alongee pattern, i.e. the blade tapers all the way from the shoulder to the cutting edge.

Great tool not only because it is good to remove wood from the inside of bowls, but also because it can also be used as a pole lathe roughing-out gouge. Two uses from one tool.

A straight gouge such as this is typically used for the early stages of hollowing out the inside of bowls.

Further down in a bowl you will need a curved gouge such as the Ashley Iles Carving Gouge 1.5″x18 CURVED

Made from 01 tool steel. Total length 305mm (12″) with a 150mm (6″) beech handle and a brass ferrule.

The cutting edge is 38mm (1 1/2″), measured from corner to corner,  ground to 25 degrees. A middle-of the-road no. 7 sweep.

Ashley Iles Carving Gouge STRAIGHT 1 1/2″x7 comes sharp and ready to use.


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Ashley Iles


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