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Heavy Duty Stapler ideal to seal two-ply charcoal sacks.


The Arrow PLIER TYPE STAPLER is heavy duty enough to seal two-ply charcoal sacks.

This is what the makers say:

The Arrow P35 Plier Type Stapler is powerful and heavy-duty. Of steel construction with a powerful drive for accommodating tougher materials. Designed for reaching into hard to get at places for stapling from any position or angle. Ideal for sealing and bagging applications.

Unlike some staplers, the P35 features a lozenge shaped handle which hangs from your fingers.

Reliable 100% steel construction.

We have used a pair of these staplers for more than 15 years sealing charcoal sacks and they are still working like new.

Uses Arrow P35 10mm (3/8″) staples.

Loved at the WOODSMITH packing station!

This stapler, using 10mm (3/8″) heavy duty staples, will work with most paper sacks used for barbeque charcoal where it is folded over twice to seal in the sack without dust getting out.

Made in USA.

Additional information

Weight600 g


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