Saws For Cutting Wood

Saws For Cutting Wood are essential tools whether it’s in the forest or the workshop. Saws can be very job specific, some are designed to cut wet greenwood efficiently and some are for cutting dry seasoned wood. The design of a saws teeth also determines if it cuts across the grain or rips down the grain.  Saws claiming to do both are normally a compromise and tend to do neither job very well.

Forestry saws such as the Silky Gomtaro and Bahco Bowsaws, whilst very different in design, both feature large teeth made to cut across the grain in growing/freshly cut trees/branch wood without getting choked up with wet wood fibres.

Workshop saws such as the Zetsaw Japanese Hassunme Saw Cross-cut feature very fine teeth and a very thin blade that cuts only on the pull stroke. This saw is designed for the workshop cutting dry wood. It is a fast cutting saw but needs to work on clean grit-free wood.

Some saws cut on the push stroke and some on the push stroke, each have their advantages and disadvantages.

We stock some of the best saw brands from suppliers around the world and offer expert advice on the right one for the work you are carrying out.