Loppers and Secateurs

When harvesting small diameter coppice rods such as willow and hazel, loppers and secateurs are invaluable tools.

When harvesting coppice material ourselves our own practice is to cleanly cut rods from the stool with a sharp billhook then lay them down into graded heaps. Once most of the material has been cut the stools are cleaned up with long handled loppers getting the stool as low and as clean as possible to the ground, especially important with hazel.

Loppers are always useful when sizing cut rods for example besom handles, pointed stakes and cleaning up weavers at the end zale on a wattle hurdle.

When making wattle within a frame, which requires weavers of a certain length, it’s useful to clamp loppers carefully in vice stool letting you lop to size one-handed.

Secateurs cut one-handed smaller size material, typically about 1/2″. Indispensable for basket makers and cutting basket willow from the stool. Useful when making hurdles with smaller in-the-round material.

We think the Lowe brand offers professional high quality, durable tools.


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