Abranet abrasives are an abrasive mesh product produced by Mirka in Finland.

An open weave, velcro backed abrasive mesh product that allows the dust to pass through the abrasive, avoiding clogging.

Originally these abrasives developed for the sanding of motor body filler and similar surfaces in the re-finishing trade, it has recently found many adherents in the world of woodworking and, particularly, woodturning. It is sufficiently flexible to allow it to bend into the contours of the workpiece, and it is particularly effective on large planar surface such as the exterior of bowls, hollow forms and the like.

The abrasive medium is Aluminium Oxide which is well proven in woodworking applications. The rear face of the abrasive is textured similar to a velour-backed abrasive disc and this reflects its use in the automotive industry where the abrasive is applied to “velcro” backing pads on power sanders.


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